• Doron Leibovici

And the journey begins.

Hello world, we are Kaptchi, a company that will offer a wide range of accessibility solutions for the education industry.

By the Israeli government, 1 in 10 people between the ages of 18-64 have some kind of disability, not including learning disabilities. They have lower education compared to people without disabilities by more than 15%! By other studies, 2 in 10 people have learning disabilities which clearly affect the student's grade and understanding of the material.

Our goal is to make products that use the existing infrastructure of the facilities. so they can focus on teaching.

Our first product is smart whiteboard capturing software. This software can run on the facilities' video files, and extract the whiteboard content from each video to a PDF file. Or an individual student can do it with his phone.

This product is oriented for students that cannot copy the whiteboard, but it can help for a student who cannot concentrate and copy at the same time, an action that was proven to be inefficient. On top of that, people don't want to take a massive amount of whiteboard pictures, and this product can organize their notes.

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